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Collector List

Collector Rarity Resource Base Time Released
Dickmobile Legendary Liquor 6 hours Dec 2018
Party Bus Legendary Liquor 8 hours Nov 2020
Sunnyvale 5-0 Common Liquor 24 hours Apr 2019
Cockeyed Chronic Legendary Character Cards (Common) 5 hours Jan 2021
Bone Hog Legendary Character Cards (Rare) 6 hours Dec 2020
Fuzz Buggy Legendary Character Cards (Epic) 6 hours Apr 2019
Bitchin' Ride Legendary Costume Cards 6 hours Dec 2019
Zamboner Legendary Time Skip (1 hour) 48 hours June 2020
Butch Sundance Legendary Time Skip (4 hours) 72 hours Feb 2021
Big Rig Legendary Time Skip (24 hours) 96 hours Mar 2021


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