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How do Tokens and Collectors work?

Collectors were first added to the game in December 2018.


How do I acquire a Collector?

You can unlock a Collector once you have collected enough Tokens for it.

Where can I earn tokens?

Tokens currently are typically awarded through Leaderboard Rewards.


How many tokens can I earn per event?

The number of Tokens depends on your placement in your event leaderboard! Tap 'Leaderboard Rewards' at the bottom of your Event Leaderboard.

  • Each Leaderboard consists of 200 players.
  • Each Leaderboard has a handful of tiers, with higher tiers winning more prizes.


How are Collectors different?

Regular Characters give a profit bonus in either speed or cash multipliers to Businesses. Collectors give you a resource, based on time. Resources can vary (such as Liquor, Cards, or Time Skips) and so can the time. Think of them like a different version of Lahey's trunk, you can collect from them every X period, with no effort on your part!


How do I collect from a Collector?

Just like collecting cash from a non-automated business, just tap on the icon above the Collector in your park.


How do I upgrade a Collector?

Once unlocked they're like any other character - listed on your Character Collection screen, and upgraded with Cards (NOT Tokens) and Liquor.

What do I do with tokens after unlocking the Collector?

Excess Tokens will convert to Cards for the particular Collector at a 20:1 ratio.

What are the benefits of upgrading a Collector?

Upgrading will either reduce the amount of time before you collect, or increase the amount of resource you can collect!

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