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Crew Leaderboards

Test your might against other Greasy Money players around the world in your Crew Leaderboard!


What Is It?
Previously, you could only boast of your mastery of events to your friends. Since 1.7.1 update, Greasy Money players worldwide can compete for another shot at online immortality by rising through the ranks of their Crew Leaderboard.

Who Are These Players?
First off, there are no bots in the Leaderboard despite the repeated show-related names. The Leaderboard puts you in a group of 200 players from around the world. Your list will likely be different than your friends since a leaderboard fills up with 200 players pretty quickly, necessitating a new one to be created.

What Do Those Numbers Beside the Names Mean?
They represent a player’s User ID which can be handy if we need to quickly check a fellow player on your leaderboard. Speaking of which, if you’re wondering why a player suddenly rocketed to the top, it’s possible that they got there by making a crucial upgrade, splurging on Hashcoins, or making a purchase. We’re always watching so play nice!

What Do I Get If I Win?
Leaderboard rewards are doled out according to your tier on the leaderboard. The top tier will get the most rewards and then prizes will reduce for each following tier. These prizes can vary just as much as event prizes, from liquor and hashcoins to character unlocks and costumes.

All the best in staking your claim as a top Greasy Money player in your leaderboard!

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