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What are Rewarded Leaderboards?

Events are still the same format (earn X cash to get Y prize), rewarded leaderboards just offer another opportunity for participants to earn more prizes!

What kind of rewards will be available?

Anything is possible, including character unlocks, costume unlocks, cards, liquor, hashcoins, and, notably, tokens! Tokens allow you to unlock Collectors.

How are rewards divvied out?

Leaderboards will be broken into multiple tiers, or ranks. This allows our designers to tweak the balance of the ranks and rewards. For example, they could award the top singular player five prizes, then the next 30% get three prizes, then the next 50% get one prize, etc. 

You will be able to see what rank you are throughout the event so you can determine whether to try to push harder for more rewards, or to avoid falling to a lower rank.

Once the event ends, you will collect your event prizes as per usual, then see your leaderboard rank and collect your leaderboard rewards.

What if I play while offline?

You will not be able to check your leaderboard rank! Be sure to connect to the internet to get the most up-to-date placements.

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