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Character List

Character Rarity Business Bonus Auto-unlocked in
Bubbles Epic All Profit Season 1
Julian Epic All Profit Season 1
Ricky Epic -- Fuck-Off Power Season 1
Cory Common -- Fuck-Off Power Season 1
Willy Goat Common -- Fuck-Off Power Random Trunk
Steve French Rare -- Fuck-Off Power Random Trunk
Shitty Bill Common Ricky's Used Gas Profit Season 2
Sarah Common Dirty Dancer Profit Season 3
Steve Rogers Common Kittyland Profit Season 4
Detroit Velvet Smooth Common Roc Vodka Profit Season 5
Candy Common Convenients Store Profit Season 6
Treena Rare Ricky's Used Gas Profit Season 6
Thomas Collins Common Dirty Burger Profit Season 7
Lucy Rare Dirty Dancer Profit Season 7
Trevor Rare Convenients Store Profit Season 8
Tyrone Common Mystic Fingers Profit Season 9
Trinity Rare Kittyland Profit Season 9
JRoc Rare Roc Vodka Profit Season 10
Coconut Common Piss Factory Profit Season 11
Donna Rare Mystic Fingers Profit Season 13
Phil Collins Rare Dirty Burger Profit Season 14
Jacob Rare Piss Factory Profit Season 15
Marguerite Common Moneyvale Casino Profit Season 16
Barb Rare Moneyvale Casino Profit Season 19
MC Flurry Common Honey Oil Refinery Profit Season 22
Don Rare Honey Oil Refinery Profit Season 25
Bernie Sandford Common Sunnyvale Wrestling Profit Season 27
Candy (s10) Rare Sunnyvale Wrestling Profit Season 29
Sam Losco Common Denture King Profit Season 36
Mrs. Peterson Rare Denture King Profit Season 39
Rascal Common Roc Pile Cellular Profit Season 46
Mr. Finch Rare Roc Pile Cellular Profit Season 49
Erica Miller Common Army Surplus Profit Season 56
Leslie Dancer Rare Army Surplus Profit Season 59
Courtney Rare Hockey Camp Profit Season 76
Kevin  Common Hockey Camp Profit Season 78 
Mr. Green Common Scrilla Villa Profit Season 91
Linda  Rare Scrilla Villa Profit Season 93
Hydro Common Good Guys Ice Cream Profit Season 106
Marsha Rare Good Guys Ice Cream Profit Season 107 
Harold Common Scrumpdilly Pizza Sauce Profit Season 121
Sonny Rare Scrumpdilly Pizza Sauce Profit Season 122
Tammy Common Shed-N-Breakfast Profit Season 141
Crystal Rare Shed-N-Breakfast Profit Season 143
Event Unlock Rarity Business    
Baby Mo Epic Ricky's Used Gas    
Baby Randy Epic Dirty Dancer    
Big Hawk Epic Denture King    
BK Aresenal Epic Convenients Store    
Bone Throne Epic Moneyvale Casino    
Boom Bizzle Epic Roc Vodka    
Bubble Maker Epic Kittyland    
Bunk BQ Epic Dirty Burger    
Cheryl Crow Epic Honey Oil Refinery    
Chris Jericho Epic Sunnyvale Wrestling    
CoolNow Epic Mystic Fingers    
Cyrus Epic All    
Dennis Epic Dirty Dancer    
Desiree Epic Hockey Camp    
Donny Epic Denture King    
Forestry Dick Epic Good Guys Ice Cream    
Gary Epic Ricky's Used Gas    
Gary Laser-Eyes Epic Kittyland    
GB Homebrew Epic Dirty Dancer    
George Green Epic Sunnyvale Wrestling    
Go-Kart Epic Honey Oil Refinery    
Hampton Epic Denture King    
Lahey Epic All    
Levi Epic Scrilla Villa    
Lil Bubs Epic All    
Lil Julian Epic All    
Lil Ricky Epic --    
Manly Mennequin Epic Mystic Fingers    
Nathan MacKinnon Epic Hockey Camp    
Obaa-Chan Epic Convenients Store    
Orange Thunder Epic Kittyland    
Orangie Epic All    
Oscar Goldman Epic Kittyland    
Randy Epic Dirty Burger    
Raykins Epic Sunnyvale Wrestling    
Reggie Epic Roc Vodka    
Rocket Epic Piss Factory    
Ron Pencock Epic Piss Factory    
Rufus Epic All    
Sebastian Bach Epic Honey Oil Refinery    
Shrooms Epic All    
Snowmobile Epic Convenients Store    
Stacy Epic Roc Vodka    
Steinberg Epic All    
Steve Austin Epic Dirty Burger    
Steve Jessup Epic Dirty Dancer    
Stolen ATM Epic Moneyvale Casino    
Sunnyvale Cup Epic Hockey Camp    
Susan Epic Ricky's Used Gas    
Swayzie Express Epic All    
Swish Still Epic All    
Talko Memorial Epic Piss Factory    
Tanya Epic Army Surplus    
Terry Epic Army Surplus    
Tom Green Epic Moneyvale Casino    
Tommy Bean Epic All    
Victoria Epic Roc Pile Cellular    
Vodka Pool Epic Roc Vodka    
Weapon Stash Epic Ricky's Used Gas    


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