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My game keeps crashing!

There are few things more frustrating than sitting down for a cold one with the boys, popping in some chicken fingers (the good kind!), when suddenly, BAM! Your game crashes!


Players will most often experience crashes when their device does not have sufficient resources available to run the game. 

If you're experiencing repeated crashes, here are a few suggestions on how to improve your device's performance:

  • Ensure no other apps are running in the background while playing Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money
  • Make sure to reboot your device from time to time to ensure it's running at its best performance
  • If crashes only occur after playing for long periods of time, try force closing the app more often
  • Check to see if you're on the latest OS version for your device
  • Clear your game cache/data regularly on your device
    • Android Devices:
      1. Open 'Settings' on your device
      2. Tap 'Apps'
      3. Find and tap on Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money (you may need to tap 'See All' to open your full list of apps
      4. Tap 'Storage'
      5. Here you'll be able to clear the cache and storage. We recommend doing both
    • iOS Devices:
      1. First, please ensure you've taken a note of your User ID displayed in the in-game settings menu in case your game is reset to Season 1. In that case, we're happy to relink your original progress.
      2. Open the 'Settings' app
      3. Select 'General' and tap 'iPhone Storage
      4. Select 'Offload App' from the pop-up window to confirm your choice
      5. Select 'Delete App'
      6. Reboot your device
      7. Reinstall the game 


If the above troubleshooting doesn't improve the crashing, or If you are experiencing crashes related to specific ads, please take a screenshot of the ad(s) in question and email them to support@tpbgame.zendesk.com so we can investigate.

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