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Client update 1.14.0

Started rolling out to Android users on April 9th.

New Features

  • A pop-up will display if the player's device is below minimum specifications warning that the game may crash


  • Collectors can now offer more than liquor! New Collectors coming soon!


  • "Global" Leaderboard has been renamed to "Crew" Leaderboard
    • While technically global (because the leaderboards contain players from all over the world), it caused confusion as players thought it was one leaderboard with every single player. In fact, a Crew Leaderboard is limited to 200 players.

Bug Fixes

  • Characters could be pixelated on the park on iOS
  • The game could freeze if you go through the Collector tutorial offline
  • When launching the game for the first time during Maintenance Mode, the pop-up continued to display on load even after maintenance mode was turned off
  • When collecting weekend event rewards and then immediately starting a mini event, the leaderboard would not display other players until the game was rebooted
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