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Client update 1.10.1

Started rolling out to users on November 1st.

New Features

  • Download assets confirmation! Get a heads up when a download is required.
  • News feature! Have important game information at your fingertips, although we still encourage you to follow us on the social media platform of your choice! logo-twitter.pnglogo-facebook.pnglogo-instagram.png
  • Maintenance Mode - allows us to inform users if game features have to be limited due to server maintenance.


  • Reduced app size! Each asset push (ie every event) should no longer increase the size of the app.
  • Character textures should be clearer.

Infrastructure has also been put in place to support new features coming soon!

Bug Fixes

  • Season 95 boss fight was missing the advance button
  • If pricing for a promo doesn't load it should say N/A instead of <$0>
  • Friends could appear in the wrong place on the global leaderboard
  • Loading the game while on an inconsistent network connection could result in being disconnected from the cloud (resulting in loading a new game)
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