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Where the F*%& are my ads!?

Ads require a pretty decent internet network first off, so if you aren't connected to one that's something you'll need to do before anything else. You'll also want to be sure to disable any Firewall apps or VPNs that could also interfere with your ad delivery.


If they're still not popping up, try:

  • Toggling Airplane mode on & off to reset your network connection
  • Rebooting your device to make sure it's running optimally
  • Switch to a data connection and not Wi-Fi (or vice versa)
  • Loading the game on a different network altogether
  • Logging out and back into your Google Play or Game Center account
  • Make sure there's some free space available and your device, too. Here's an easy way to remove some of the app's temporary files.

:android: Android Devices:

      1. Open 'Settings', then 'Apps'
      2. Locate and tap 'Trailer Park Boys' to open the app info
      3. Tap 'Storage and Cache' 
      4. We recommend clearing both Storage and Cache
      5. Reboot your device

:ios: Apple Devices:

      1. Open the Settings app.
      2. Select "General" and tap "iPhone Storage."
      3. Select "Offload App" from the pop-up window to confirm your choice.
      4. Select " Delete App"
      5. Reboot your device
      6. Reinstall the game

As a last resort, you can reset your Ad ID. Please reach out to our support team for assistance with that since it could result in being blocked from providers' networks.


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