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New Seasons available: 61 - 65

Season 61: "Flames were golfing! GOLFING!"

The Boys organize a charity auction to rebuild the Dirty Burger after it burns down, Dammit Tom!

Season 62: "I've had guys throw BBQ's at me, but this crosses a fucking line."

Randy butters up Mr. Bernie Sandford to get the park unionized, Ricky ain't having that shit.

Season 63: "Thanks to Randy, I stink like a fuckin' BBQ..."

Ricky gets home from prison with some unfortunate freeloaders in his skivvies. Don has just the thing for him.

Season 64: "Fuck both of you! You aren't gonna touch my bird!"

Bubbles gets a little too invested in Ricky's bird smuggling scheme.

Season 65: "Twice a week, we be swingin' by the YHZ."

Lucy is sick of Ricky getting thrown in jail and wants to start her own legitimate business. Little does she know...

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