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Client update 1.4.2

Started rolling out to Android users on January 18th.

New Features:

  • Social Leaderboard for events - check your friends' progress in the current event!
  • Offerwall button - quick access to the Offerwall, right on the main screen
  • Card offers in the Store now refresh every 2 hours!
  • Small visual aid that helps show businesses are collecting cash, just very quickly (a "pulse" shown in the green circle, instead of just the circle bouncing)

Bug Fixes:

  • Trunk rewards not being displayed, nor received
  • A black screen could appear after a boss fight with the player being placed back in the previous season
  • x2 bonus could sometimes not apply after watching an ad
  • A delay could occur before ads would become available
  • Some customer bonus multipliers would display as x1
  • App could crash at 0% on the loading screen if there was an error handling the server response
  • Playing offline then going online and choosing to sync data (forcing a reload of the app) could result in getting stuck on the loading screen at 0%
  • Costumes not displaying correctly
  • Costume card total would not always update after a costume upgrade
  • App could crash if event ends in the same play session as collecting previous event rewards
  • General performance improvements, most noticeably for lower-end Android devices

Event Bug Fixes:

  • "Hold On" button for Julian trade menu didn't close the menu
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