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How many Businesses are there?

There are currently 22 businesses in the game:

Unlock Business Automation Characters
Season 1 Ricky's Used Gas Shitty Bill, Treena
Season 2 Dirty Dancer Sarah, Lucy
Season 2 Kittyland Trinity, Steve Rogers
Season 2 Roc Vodka J-Roc, DVS
Season 3 Convenients Store Candy, Trevor
Season 5 Dirty Burger Thomas, Phil
Season 7 Mystic Fingers Donna, Tyrone
Season 10 Piss Factory Jacob, Coconut
Season 14 Sunnyvale Casino Barb, Marguerite
Season 20 Honey Oil Refinery Don, MC Flurry
Season 25 Sunnyvale Wrestling Bernie Sanford, Candy(s10)
Season 36 Denture King Sam Losco, Mrs Peterson
Season 46 Roc Pile Cellular Rascal, Mr. Finch
Season 56 Army Surplus Erica Miller, Leslie Dancer
Season 76 Hockey Camp Kevin, Courtney
Season 91 Scrilla Villa Mr. Green, Linda
Season 106 Good Guys Ice Cream Marsha, Hydro
Season 126 Scrumpdilly Pizza Sauce   Sonny, Harold
Season 141 Shed-N-Breakfast Tammy, Crystal
Season 161 Drugs Store Cockadoodle, YoYo Dick
Season 176   Roc Productions Dazzle, Galaxy
Season 196 Motel Gladys, 


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