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How do I earn more Liquor?


Get Liquor by

  • Hitting customer milestones (the meter above the customer button)
  • Completing Goals and Seasons which allow you to open various trunks
  • Break into Lahey's Trunk (connect to Facebook and earn bonus liquor for up to 10 friends that also play)
  • Tap on the TV crew to watch an ad
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  • Avatar
    Shane Dwyer

    There should be other ways to obtain liquor. I have hit season 7 and already such a shortage of liquor AND hash coins! Maybe add a "watch a video" feature for either more liquor or more hash coins?

  • Avatar
    Paul Daly

    I'm on S6 and have 49 liquor and I'm trying to make 3 businesses to level three and there is no way to use cash to buy liquor. The "watch a video" feature for either more liquor would be great.

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