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What are Costumes?

Costumes offer:

  • The capability to change the appearance of characters in your main game, including in cut scenes.
  • Bonus multipliers to affected businesses.

Added in 1.3.0, there are currently 10 available costumes with more coming soon!


Costumes are only available in police trunks (when you complete a season) and as event rewards.


If your characters have costumes available they will have a little t-shirt icon in the character screen:


You can change a character's costume at any time without worrying about which costume is better for profit because all costumes provide their bonus at all times even if they are not being worn.


As with characters, costumes have an associated rarity (common, rare, or epic) and you can upgrade costumes once you have enough cards and liquor.


  • Upgrading a costume will not count towards an "Upgrade Characters" goal.
  • Costumes do not affect events.
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