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I completed an offer and didn't get my hashcoins?!

After offer completion, hashcoins are typically rewarded within a half hour by our partner, IronSource.

You can check the status of your offers by scrolling to the bottom of the offer wall and tapping 'Missing Hashcoins?'


On that page look for the particular offer you're waiting on. If it says "Pending (waiting for advertiser's approval" then it shouldn't be much longer for your hashcoins to be credited!

If the status says Completed but you haven't seen the hashcoins, submit a ticket to our Support team so we can check your history of hashcoins earned from the offer wall.

If the status says something other than Pending or Completed, or it's been in Pending for quite some time, you will need to contact IronSource as they run these offers.

At the bottom of the list of the offers you've initiated it lists your User ID and your Application Key. Screenshot that or copy them, then email IronSource directly at 

supersonic-customersupport @ ironsrc.com

(remove the spaces before and after the @ sign).

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