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Client update 1.3.0

Started rolling out to Android users on November 16th.

New Features

  • Costumes!
    10 costumes are currently available with more coming soon. Acquire new costumes via boss trunks or as rewards in events!
  • Business Overviews!
    Tap the 'View All' button for a business to see all of the profit multipliers applied and from where!
  • Mini-Events!
    Coming soon, keep an eye out!
  • New offer wall!
    Go to the Store, then under the Free Hashcoins section, tap the 'Free' button to check out the offers from our new partner, IronSource.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple optimizations spanning from the Cory animation to the intro story to audio, to improve performance of the game.
  • Bernie Sanford's Fuck-Off Power is now calculated properly if Wrestling Ring is present in the season.
  • Cash can carry over from the previous season.
  • In an Event, accessing the Facebook hashcoin offer stalled business income.
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