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Client update 1.1.5

Started rolling out to Android users on October 19th.

New Feature:

  • Cloud save! Users can now save their game across multiple devices within the same platform using Game Center or Google Play services.
    NOTE: Cross-platform (Android -> iOS or vice versa) cloud save will be available in a future update.

Bug Fixes:

  • Time Skip confirmation pop-up does not appear when purchasing a time skip after collecting Event awards
  • Business collection can stall during game play
    NOTE: This is not related to changing your device date/time
  • Some users are not receiving reward for newsletter sign-up
  • Manual cash collection doesn't collect full sum (cash discrepancy display bug)
  • User can end up with negative Liquor total if they spend Hash Coins on an upgrade
  • In some cases trunks only award Cory cards
  • Refreshing the game or entering/leaving events causes the TV Crew timer to reset to a full hour
  • Cash can carry over to the next Season
  • Game cannot recover a failed Event Promo purchase
  • Event milestone unlock plays before the "Welcome back" dialogue
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