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What is Space Camp?

Space Camp is a Limited Time Event running for only 4 days!


  • Liquor!
  • Hashcoins!
  • Julian and Rocket cards for your main game!
  • Rocket for your main game! It doubles the profit of the Piss Factory! 

When does it start?

September 21st, 2pm PT

When does it end?

September 24th, 2pm PT

How do I participate?

You must be at least Season 6, then just tap on the event icon on the right-hand side of your screen! 

How do I unlock rewards?

cash_spacecamp.png Earn CASH in the event! cash_spacecamp.png

How do I see my progress in the event?

Tap anywhere on the top info bar to see your current unlocked rewards as well as the rewards remaining to be unlocked.


What is carried over to my main game?

Only your prizes (awarded at the end of the event) and your Rocket Fuel will be converted to Liquor at a 25% ratio up to a maximum of 500 Liquor. So spend your Rocket Fuel to earn more cash!


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