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Why doesn't the event show for me?

All events are run on universal time, which means they start at the same time for every player around the world.

Typically they start at 2pm Pacific time (as our studio is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada) and end 96 hours later, also at 2pm Pacific time. You may want to check a timezone converter to see what time that is in your area.

If the event doesn't show for you, the two most likely reasons are:

  • You have not downloaded the latest assets for the game. Reboot your device and ensure you're on a strong internet connection. When the loading screen gets to "checking for new assets" you will probably download some game data.
  • Your device is not set to automatically sync your date/time. This is necessary for not only events but to also open Lahey's Trunk. If you are unable to automatically sync for any reason, then you can manually sync your date/time using https://time.is.
  • As per the previous point, if you have manually changed your device time, this will affect your main game and any events.
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