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Current Known Issues


EVENTS - Can't purchase a customer even with enough money

This is a display bug that occurs when you collect cash manually from a business and spend it before the cash can visually float up to your total at the top of the screen.

Workaround: Wait for cash you manually collect to float up to the top before you spend money. Once you automate all your businesses and your income catches up to your displayed cash, you will no longer experience this issue.

Status: This will be fixed in a future game update.

Max characters don't show how many cards you have

This is a visual glitch, don't worry, you still have your cards and they will show again once that character's max level is increased.

Status: This will be fixed in a future game update.

Time Skips can deduct twice the hashcoins

You purchase a time skip from the store and notice you've lost 2x worth the hashcoins.

Status: The game team has yet to reproduce this big. Any information you can provide as to the exact steps to make this occur is appreciated via a ticket.

Boss trunk appears to not give all rewards 
(says you earned X, but you get Y)

You did receive all the cards, however some were duplicates so were merged together.

Status: The reward flow will make this obvious in a future game update.


Automated businesses look like they're not collecting cash
(full green circle, bouncing, Businesses screen shows cash per second for the business)

You are actually earning the cash but it's not very noticeable (ie the cash per second is not enough to reflect in your cash total at the top of your Main Game).

Status: The animation will be changed in a future game update.


Changing timezones stalls automated businesses
(grey circle with no green, Lahey's trunk shows more than 4 hours)

Status: This will be fixed in a future game update.


Your game can appear to be reset to Season 1

Troubleshooting: Typically rebooting the app will restore your game save. We save your progress every 30 seconds to our servers and your original game still exists, so don't worry, it is not lost forever.

  • In rare cases, progress does not restore and we suspect this is due to a weak internet connection. Please try the following:
    • Ensure you're on a strong connection (try a different Wi-Fi network, or on data, or reboot your router)
    • Reboot the app again, allowing a couple minutes of the game being open on Season 1 to check for the saved game on our servers
  • If the above couple steps do not work, please submit a ticket.
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