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I completed an offer/survey - when will I get my Hash Coins?


These offers are administered by our third party partner, TrialPay, that provides players all sorts of cool surveys, download offers, and deals in exchange for in-game currency.

Typically your Hash Coins are credited within minutes however some credits may take longer depending on the type of offer. For example, offers involving a purchase may take longer as your purchase must be confirmed first, then that has to be communicated from the company to TrialPay, who then needs to issue the credit.

As a first step in helping you get your rightfully earned Hash Coins, please do the following:

  • Tap the Shopping Cart
  • Scroll to the bottom for Hash Coins and tap 'Free!'
  • Tap the "?" symbol in the top right corner to be taken to a form that to submit a claim for your in-game currency.

You may need to provide TrialPay with some proof, such as a screenshot or confirmation email, so they can further assist you with getting you your Hash Coins.

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