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What is a Customer bonus?

Businesses will receive a bonus when they reach certain amounts of customers. You can adjust the number of customers you want to purchase for a business from 1 customer to the max amount you can afford at once. Check out How can I buy more than 1 customer at once?

The first customer bonuses happen when you reach:

  • 25 Customers
  • 50 Customers
  • 100 Customers

With each customer bonus you will earn:

  • A speed or profit bonus for the business

You can also earn:

  • Liquor
  • Character cards
  • Business cards

Once you hit a milestone you will see a profit multiplier apply to that Business, and the Liquor and/or Cards you earned float from the Business.


The green meter behind your total Customers for a Business displays your progress to the next bonus milestone.


If the meter is completely full, with MAX above it, you have reached the maximum bonus for that business, indicating it's time to move on to another business. Note, you can still add customers, but you will no longer receive Cards or Liquor.


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