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What is Lahey's Trunk?

Once you reach Season 4, you can break into Lahey's trunk every 4 hours. Access it from the Store.

DISCLAIMER: Time skips bought with hashcoins do not affect Lahey's Trunk, as they are based on real-time.


  • The longer you wait to open Lahey's trunk, the more liquor will be inside.
  • The sooner you open Lahey's trunk, the more rewards will be inside and in the long run you will be able to open more in a 24 hour period which means more liquor (600 liquor if opened every 4 hours).
  • If you've completed the available seasons, the rewards will change (ie 120 liquor max)


NOTE: There are two requirements to open Lahey's trunk:

  1. Your device's date/time must match universal time. If you are unable to automatically sync on your device, you can match your device time to universal time by checking https://time.is.
  2. The internet is used to check universal time so you must be connected to the internet.
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